A good website is one of the simplest ways to connect to your clients or fans. It works for your company to bring it attention and give prospective clients all the information they need know about you. Your website is a critical way to cement your company in their minds as a reputable resource.


Web designers use a variety of skills and graphic design techniques to balance website functionality and the user experience, with an uncomplicated layout and the overall attractiveness of the web page. They take note of the audience to personalize the page and appeal to the target demographic. The age group, culture or specific sub-culture you’re marketing to should affect the web design of your site. Web designers take all of this in consideration with special attention to designing a user friendly interface (UI) with attractive aesthetics.

Web developers do the work behind the scenes to make sure a website functions like it should. All of the coding, testing, and programming done to make sure the website functions properly and runs smoothly is all part of web development. A broken page, image, or application immediately tarnishes the trust of the website to the user. In the present day, mobile compatibility and responsive web design are important for any demographic you want to reach. Web Developers make sure the site is functional and attractive on any mobile device (smartphone, tablets, etc)  or computer (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Web designers and Web Developers wear a variety of hats including graphic designer, user experience designer (UX), internet marketing specialist, and SEO writers.

When you contact Mercurius Creative you get to speak directly to your Web Designer / Web Developer. As a company based in the US, clients get the opportunity to communicate with natural english speakers and receive personalized service.

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