Social media management is a critical part of any organization’s voice and marketing. Many people use it as a convenient way to learn about current events, find deals, and even unwind with some humor. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook combine photos, videos, and written word, allowing you to communicate in a compelling and meaningful way. While anyone can do social media, few have the time to truly dedicate themselves to build an audience. This becomes increasingly time consuming and complicated when you factor in all the options available for social media.


That’s where we come in. At Mercurius Creative we have invested the time and staff to handle your social media management needs. We know the tricks and techniques which will help you build a real audience. We are experienced with all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr.

Create Your Brand

We are experienced with launching new brands on social media. We can help make sure your profile matches your website, in addition to the voice of your business. New and old businesses benefit greatly by hiring a pro-active community manager, responding to user comments quickly and reaching out to other profiles.

Be Remembered

Once your profile is made, we can help you get seen every day using unique posts and content on your social media profiles. We are experienced with viral content and have acquired many sources to find fresh content daily, in addition to manufacturing content unique to your brand’s business goals. Most of our social media packages also include graphic design. From casual memes to formal business content, we can fit your needs.

Your Time Is Valuable

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