Below is a small sampling of our work. Most of the items below have been used by clients. Some have been created simply for practice exercises. This portfolio is not a comprehensive representation of our services because we are always seeking new challenges and mediums of creativity!

You may freely scroll through our portfolio or skip to the section you want below:

Graphic Design & Logos

Various graphic design work including company logos, website headers, and business cards.

Photo Editing

Photo editing that has been done for clients and friends. Includes product images, cosplay photo editing, an album cover, watermarking, touchup, and some themed party photos.

Event Flyers and Print Materials

A small variety of club and event flyers. Also includes a black and white handout for a convention and a restaurant brochure menu.

Social Media & Online Marketing

A variety of social media campaigns and projects including Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.


Some published and unpublished writing samples which have been used on blogs, news sites, and more.

Music Mastering

A small selection of music mastering samples in a variety of genres.

Music Soundtracking and Composition

A variety of soundtracks that are commercially available, and in some cases, award winning.

Motion Graphics and Video

Motion graphics and video work below. Can you tell we like retro effects and VHS?

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