music mastering

Mercurius Creative is proud to offer professional music mastering services. We are able to master any genre of music including dance, rock, rap, and country. Furthermore, we also offer audio mastering of non music recordings such as spoken word and field recordings. Because we are a locally owned small studio, we are able to offer professional mastering studio services with great savings. Our in house mastering engineer has won multiple awards and has been internationally recognized for his excellence in audio.

music mastering

Check out our music mastering samples:

All music is mastered by our in-house award winning mastering engineer.

What is mastering?
Music mastering is the final chapter in the process of recording a song or album. It takes the work of the musicians, recording engineers, and producer, and readies the music to be heard by the world. The best way to describe it is the “icing” on the cake. A mastering studio adjusts the song’s volume and tone to sound great when played along with other similar music on various speakers. (Read more on our blog.)

Can’t I do this with a plugin?
You can, however the plugin is simply a tool. Professional  music mastering requires mastery of the tools, a trained ear to understand what needs to be fixed, and a tuned monitoring (listening) environment. Audio mastering is about 50% art and 50% science.

How long does song mastering take?
Depending on how fast we get the tracks and how many tracks there are, music mastering turn around time can vary. We usually shoot for a 1 to 2 week turn around time.

Do I get any revisions?
Yes, after we have mastered the tracks, you will have the opportunity to give feedback and request a revision. We strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Music Mastering Rates

llap-emoji PER SONG:
$30 for the first song / $25 for additional songs
(Regular Price $40 for the first track / $35 for additional songs)


$40 per month or $399 per year (2 months free)
(10 songs per month, unused songs rollover to the next month for an unlimited amount of time while service is active. Need more songs? Call us.)

Subscription Length

Includes music mastering engineer service on your track. Track must be mixed already. Finished master will be delivered in WAV format via internet. Limitations apply. 

Working on an album or a special project? Call us, we will work out a deal.

When you contact Mercurius Creative you get to speak directly to your Music Mastering Engineer. As a company based in the US, clients get the opportunity to communicate with natural english speakers and receive personalized service.

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