A company, band, musician or organization’s logo design is a visual representation of their brand; and their most quickly and easily recognizable identifier.

logo designA complex and intricate logo or simple and straightforward logo could be appropriate depending on the desired aesthetics and the target market. Logos are an important graphic representation of any organization’s identity and should embody your brand. An organization’s logo will be used on everything, from marketing to official documents, making it important to have a unique, attractive, and professional logo.

Logo designers take into account who the organization is and the intended market. Using our knowledge of visual communication and graphic design, we develop personalized logos to proudly represent any organization.

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Contacting Mercurius Creative gives you direct access to experienced logo designers. As a company based in the US,  our graphic designers are natural english speakers that can provide you with personalized service when looking to create a logo.

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Premium Logo Design

Premium Logo Design

$200.00 (USD)  $250.00

How it works:

Step 1: Pay

Step 2: When you pay, include a note about your logo idea.

Step 3: We will email you and give you a free design consultation so that we can do a great job for you.

Step 4: We will send you a first draft. If you’re unhappy, we will go ahead and revise it once for free.

Step 5: Approve the design. Once you are happy with the general design, we will revise it once again in minor ways to tweak the design. This does not mean a whole redesign.

Step 6: Receive an awesome high resolution logo in vector and bitmap format that can be used anywhere, including print!

NOTE: Logo designs usually take 1-2 weeks, however they can take longer if you don’t reply quickly to revision requests. After 30 days, the job will be closed and considered complete. 

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