Mercurius Creative, LLC is a full service creative agency. We work with various concepts combined with real world sensibility to produce unique, high-quality results. We apply this discipline to all of our services including corporate branding, custom artwork, game designwebsites, music mastering, and social media marketing. Most ideas are possible with the right resources. With about two decades of professional experience and raw creativity, we always find a way to make our clients’ vision come true.

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Online marketing is the cornerstone of many businesses today. Without a strong internet presence, the existing and emerging demographic of consumers simply will not see you. We are experts on how to connect with people on the internet. A brand should be a living, breathing entity that is a part of a potential consumer’s everyday life.

Web design, blog writing, social media, and online discussion boards are all working parts of internet marketing. We utilize all of those and more to create a marketing synergy that will cause your brand to be identified. Proof of our quality is with our satisfied clients, which include small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.


Technology is integral to Mercurius Creative. We stay up-to-date with current and emerging platforms. We are experienced with various types of web design including small business sites, blogs, news media sites, and more. All of our graphic design and art assets are created in house. By doing this, we save money for our clients allowing them to invest more into their business. Each project we take, including company logos, websites, and social media campaigns, are treated as a complete creative work. This means our clients enjoy a thorough and consistent quality of work on every job.

When it comes to audio work, we have an experienced, multiple-award winning studio engineer and music producer on staff. His experience with music began with producing electronic dance music but has extended to producing music in various styles including rock and hip hop. With our mixing and mastering service, we can make your music sound professional; ready to be played on the radio or at the club.


You can rest assured that you will receive personalized service from Mercurius Creative. We truly care about our clients and their future. It is in our best interest to see your website succeed so that we may enjoy a prosperous relationship.

We do not outsource any work, including our phone and email support.
You will never get a generic answer or unqualified help. Furthermore, we give back to community by offering discounted rates to former and current US Military members in addition to senior citizens.

We are an online business, prepared to assist you anywhere in the world. We also have a presence in Phoenix, Az and Los Angeles, Ca. Visit our Locations page to learn more.

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